Enabling the transparent and sustainable trade of minerals.

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We enable the transparent and sustainable trade of minerals – empowering people and economies to benefit from their natural resources.

Many regions, rich with valuable resources, find themselves unable to capitalize on their wealth. An “informal economy” allows the trade of minerals to move in undocumented channels. These channels can perpetuate cycles of corruption, poverty, environmental destruction, and violence – while they are necessities for jewelry and electronics.

Using blockchain technology and proprietary laser engraving to support traceability, The Trade Foundation™ enables a new kind of transparency as a venue for sustainable trade from mine to the end consumer of minerals as products.

The Trade Foundation™ applies innovative strategies and collaborative approaches to empower sustainable sourcing, while producing invaluable knowledge of the origin and movement of minerals.


We are driving change by catalyzing the economic benefits of transparency.

Our Target Minerals

  • Cobalt
  • Diamonds
  • Gemstones
  • Gold
  • Rare Earths
  • Tantalum
  • Tin
  • Tungsten

“About 100 million people – workers and their families – depend on artisanal mining.” – World Bank


The Trade Foundation™ exists to enable the transparent and sustainable trade of minerals.

Our Vision

  • Open access to knowledge of the origination and movement of minerals
  • ‘Developing economies’ able to capitalize on the trade of their natural resources
  • Communities benefitting from mining and trade
  • Safe and ethical mining practices that protect people and the environment
  • Consumers able to make informed decisions – and those decisions able to affect the demand of goods


Our work joins local communities and economies equally to the global resource value chain.


We innovate and provide solutions through four initiatives.

Traceability Initiative™

We strive to provide the technology and infrastructure to record, mark, and track minerals at their origin and downstream, accomplished through our Traceability Model with blockchain technology and laser engraving.

Mining Initiative™

We seek to promote safer and ethical artisanal and industrial mining through accreditation, benefiting the community and the environment, while enabling improved artisanal mining practices.

Research Initiative™

We aim to collect and create data of the origin and movement of minerals, generating new knowledge through the analysis and application of data.

Consumer Initiative™

We desire to give knowledge to end-consumers through reports and accessible tracking of minerals.

Our action enables macro transparency and a resulting reassessment, providing micro-level reform.


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